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If you want to publish your content in more than one language, the most common approach is to create a multilingual website. First up is WPML. Almost certainly the most popular commercial multilingual plugin available for WordPress, with more thansites reportedly using it, WPML aims to simplify the task of managing the different language versions of your content without sacrificing either features or functionality.

WPML is an extremely powerful plugin that can be used to display almost all aspects of your WordPress website in different languages — from post and page content to text displayed as part of your WordPress theme.

WPML can also display a multilingual version of plugin content, the WordPress admin area, widgets and much, much more. When using WPML to create a multilingual WordPress website, you can either provide the translated versions yourself or use WPML to put you in touch with translation services or freelance translators. You can then hire these translators to convert your content for you — all from within your WordPress dashboard.

Due to a lack of updates, qTranslate X is effectively retired, but the code lives on as qTranslate XT. This free multilingual WordPress plugin started life as qTranslate before evolving into qTranslate X. However, qTranslate X has gone without an update for three years now, so is no longer fully compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.

Having had an update to the code, qTranslate XT now works with the most recent versions of WordPress and is being actively maintained by the team. This is great for anyone already using qTranslate X for their multilingual WordPress website. The now effectively abandoned qTranslate X plugin was definitely a popular option, with more thanactive installs.

At its peak, qTranslate X had a user rating of 4. Once activated on your WordPress website, qTranslate XT lets you create multiple versions of your content, each using a different language.

By installing a free add-onyou can also use qTranslate XT to create a multilingual ecommerce store using WooCommerce. You can use Polylang for free or pay to upgrade to the Pro version.

With a 4. It also has support for creating multilingual ecommerce stores with WooCommerce, and a premium add-on. Upgrading to Polylang Pro gets you access to some additional features, and, perhaps most importantly, the premium support service.

Available as both a free and premium plugin, Polylang could be the ideal choice for those who are starting on a budget, but who would like the option of upgrading to a premium plugin once their project takes off. These plugins are advanced tools. At their most basic, they can be used to publish blog content in multiple languages. WPML has a setup wizard to help you get started.

WPML makes it straightforward to define how your visitors can change the language, with options including footer, sidebar or menu widgets, and language switchers. You can also choose how the URLs for the different language versions of your content are constructed, including the use of subdomains, directories or URL parameters.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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How to use qtranslate-x in wordpress - by SITH Traly(សិទ្ធ ត្រាលី)

Question feed.Donate to plugin development. If you are new to qTranslate-X, please, read Startup Guide. If you think you encountered a bug, please follow the Troubleshooting Guide and then report it providing step-by-step instructions how to reproduce the problem, preferably starting from a fresh standard WordPress installation. If you have integration issues, please read Integration Guide to find out how to integrate your theme or a 3rd-party plugin with qTranslate-X.

Yes, all languages are supported and more and more get included. If you are a native speaker of that language, consider sending us the information to be included permanently in the plugin configuration.

Help us to keep this plugin free. Build a few custom menu items, each of which switches the current page to a specific language. The visual appearance of such menu items can be designed any way as desired, like any other normal menu item.

WordPress policy prohibits use of the same function names if they already defined in other plugins, since this possibly leads to user-unfriendly fatal errors. This ensures compatibility with other plugins and themes that used direct calls to qTranslate methods in their code. This function used to deal with multiple input lines per language, which qTranslate-X does not use anymore. Please, ask the authors of those themes and plugins to update their code, if you encounter one of those cases.

Check the settings. Yes, some themes put additional text fields per page or per post. By default, those fields have no way to respond to Language Switching Buttons in editors. If you cannot uniquely distinct the field neither by if nor by class, report on the forum threads. If this is not done, you will see the text of all languages displayed one after another. Read Integration Guide for more information on how to integrate qTranslate-X with a 3rd-party plugin or a theme.

Some themes have additional to the standard WP design fields, which need to be translated. In such a case, try entering all the translations in one field using raw multilingual format Raw ML like this:.

Note that closing tag right before the opening tag is redundant.For all WordPress freaks, who are running their websites with beautiful, highly-featured WordPress themes, taking their online platform beyond the linguistic bar is a dead necessity today, given the world has become a global village now. Unlimited number of languages can be added to this tool for better user experience.

These languages can also be added, modified or deleted. Though qTranslate X in any WordPress theme is as handy and easy as that, however, there are few steps which should be essentially learnt to make the effective use of your translation ready tool. SketchThemes provides you a brief account of how to use qTranslate X pluginan inbuilt feature in all its clean, creative and responsive WordPress themes, for getting your WordPress site translation ready. As you can see from the reference image above, the first step you need to follow is to add qTranslate X plugin through clicking on the plugins button featured in the dashboard or sidebar of your WordPress.

Once you download the plugin, there are few easy steps to follow. Installation of plugin is very easy. Just extract the files. Once you are done with activation, qTranslate X will start showing on widgets. You have to click on Appearance to find qTranslate X widget. You also have the option to drag it to any other widget areas of your choice. For this, click Settings button given under WordPress dashboard, then opt for languages from WordPress dashboard. This will open another setting window in WordPress.

From here you can choose to enable or disable language in which you want to translate. You also have the option of picking up multiple languages. Once the language is enabled, you can see it under general setting button. Go to General Settings and choose your default language, the language in which you want to keep your text in normal position.

You can also arrange the languages in the order of priority. Widgets section can be seen by clicking on Appearance button, as shown in above image.

You can also name your widget as per your choice, as by default it shows blank area. Once you add the theme in your footer, it can be seen like this refer image below. First of all, lets try our hand in changing the content of Home page. For this you need to go on Admin panel of your WordPress theme. Put the ISO code of languages, one by one and the language translation in the same text area, as shown in the image above.

You may add ISO codes of other languages too. Again you have to put the code in text area like. The process will enable the user to convert the concerned section text in the desired language when he select the option. Translated in Deutsch. You need to create a new page from page section for adding the page in different languages. Then you have to put the heading in different languages and also there are different tags for every language to write their content.

Write the text in text area in each tab i. After writing the text publish the page.

how to use qtranslate

It works similarly as adding new page. Just add new post from the concerned section.Do you intend to create a bilingual website using WordPress? Then you need to have an appropriate plugin that can manage the different languages and translations.

I am sure that you are all familiar with the true power of WPML. And while it is the most proper way to create a bilingual or even multilingual website there are some solutions that are somehow left out in the dark.

how to use qtranslate

However they might surprise you in a very pleasant way. When you downloadinstall and activate qTranslate X you will be able to configure a multilingual WordPress configuration with extreme ease and functionality. The final result will be a user-friendly website suitable for audiences from different countries who speak different languages.

Like I already said you need to have the plugin activated. The next step is to configure it properly.

how to use qtranslate

This is extremely vital, friends! Otherwise you risk to have a conflict between these plugins that will result in a bad website functionality. After these words of caution, you should continue with activation and initial settings. There you need to tell qTranslate X which languages are needed for your multilingual website.

You should add English as one of the languages that are to be enabled. Then proceed with adding more. My personal advice is to limit your website up to 3 different languages. However your target groups might be bigger and you may decide to add more.

One of these languages has to be set as default. In most cases that should be the English language. After you are done with the language selection, you have to decide how your website will handle the different languages. Here you are presented with four different options:.

My personal advice matches the recommendation of the qTranslate X creators and it is to choose the Pre-Path mode that is the most SEO friendly solution of them all. The next step is to choose how qTranslate X will handle all untranslated content on your multilingual website. You can hide it. Or maybe you might want to show the displayed language prefix when the content is not available for the selected language.

Another great option is to show the content in an alternative language when the translation is not available for the selected language. The great thing here is that you may select multiple options in order to achieve the needed functionality for your multilingual WordPress website. There are detailed instructions available under the official integration guide a link is provided in the tab.

And that concludes this short review for qTranslate X. There is definitely a great potential in using this plugin and I would suggest to give it a try.A Startup Wizard will be added to the plugin soon enough, but while it is not yet there, it is very important to read this document through to avoid many possible problems and misunderstandings.

If your site previously used some other multilingual plugin, then please read the migration instructions. This plugin offers a way to maintain dynamic multilingual content on a WordPress site. For example, what if you need to make title, content and excerpt of a page to be multilingual?

To deal with dynamic contentqTranslate-X provides language switching buttons on applicable admin editing pages, which, once pressed, make all the text of multilingual fields to be filled with the language chosen. The instant language change happens locally in your browser without sending an additional request to the server. Once the content has been entered in multiple languages on admin side, frontend will show the content in the language chosen by a viewer. There are a few methods how the frontend language can be chosen.

Frontend language is independent of admin side language. The plugin does not currently offer any kind of translation services. The team has conducted an online survey to find out how people translate their content. You are welcome to make your entry too. It appears so far, that translation service is not an immediate need. Administrators normally have their ways to translate the content, but they need a convenient way to enter translated content into an appropriate place, which this plugin is designed to help with.

Translation services might still be provided in the future releases as a paid feature. If you test qTranslate-X for the first time and you are not sure if you will use it later, then do your testing on a test-copy of your site, since after a translated content is added, the site becomes unusable without qTranslate-X.

A list of initial steps to install a plugin is available at WordPress site and it will not be repeated here. We assumed that you already installed the plugin and activated it.

To switch an admin language use the language menu in the top right corner of the admin screen. Here are a few steps that you may follow, but keep in mind that every site is different, please, do not hesitate to use your own way. If you still have trouble to find out how to enable the desirable features, open a topic at plugin Support Forum at WordPress site.

If you think you found a bug, please report it to the authors. In both cases, when asking for a help on Support Forum or reporting a bug, please provide a concise clean steps to reproduce a problem, preferably starting with a freshly installed WordPress instance. We hope you will enjoy the use of our plugin. Please, do not forget to setup a recurring donationif you plan on a heavy use of this plugin.

Letting other people know about your experience with a review is also useful.Kindly refer this particular post. For expanding the client base, increasing sales volume, multilingual websites become a necessity for businesses and organisations.


WordPress by default is not multilingual, so you need to add multilingual functionality to your website. Download Now 3. Plugin Installation Installation of plugin is very easy. From here you can drag and drop it to any of your widget areas, This will be explained in depth later on.

You can enable or disable language in which you want to translate. You can choose multiple language at a time. Changing the content of Home page.

Adding the page in different language.

how to use qtranslate

And put the heading in different language and also there are different tag for every language to write their content. Suppose we are adding a post in blog page. Then we have to write the heading in different languages in text box. Shown in image.

Does it work with qTranslate XT?

Translating the text in the php files is very easy. You just need to edit front-page. You just need to mention your language text in place of english text and german text. To translate the widget title you just need to drag and drop your widget and put the following code in your field. Any theme of InkThemes can be translated with q-translator. You can download any theme and try it by yourself.

Another possible way to translate your website into multiple languages is by using the Google Language Translation plugin. Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved. Click Here.

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